Bake Me A Wish

Client Challenge:

Bake Me A Wish! is an online retailer selling cakes and it began in 2005 as the premiere nationwide service for gourmet birthday cake delivery. Their cakes are made with only the finest, freshest ingredients by their award-winning New York bakeries. Over the past decade, they’ve grown to offer more and more of the finest bakery gifts available including gourmet cookies, brownies, cupcakes, pies and quiches.  

  • Less than $1 Million in funding
  • This is a crowded marketplace with many online bakeries and cakes


Increase sales to more than $1 million in 2 years time


Among the creative ideas, had the idea to send a cake to soldiers serving overseas.  Paula Conway took that idea and leveraged it on a national media level.

Story Ideas

  • A soldier sending a cake home to mom for Mother’s Day
  • Spouse at home sends a birthday cake to his/her spouse serving overseas, as there is nothing more heart-warming to remind you of HOME than a birthday cake
  • A mother or father serving overseas gets a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day cake while serving in a war zone


  • Created a partnership with The Armed Forces Foundation and Soldier’s Angels
  • Gathered real stories from military families, wives, husbands, children regionally across the country
  • Created B-roll video to service local and national TV
  • Astonish was able to get soldiers overseas to send video and pictures of their experience when a cake is received to be used for media

Featured Results:

  • TODAY Show (featured twice!)
  • Good Morning America
  • Rachael Ray
  • CNN Anderson Cooper
  • People Magazine
  • USA Today

Endless regional and national press in both print and television

Sales increased exponentially to create brand growth